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An industry first, Café appliances bring a personalized touch into your kitchen space with customizable design hardware that reflects your personal style.

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It's time appliances had a personality. Yours.

Make appliances personal.

Create a lavish look that matches your personal style with Café’s customizable appliance handles and knobs. Café appliances complement your kitchen’s interior and echo your home’s curated details to create total harmony. Select any combination of premium finishes and hardware options to create a stunning, bespoke look that will elevate your kitchen and bring your personal vision to life.

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Custom Hardware


A gentle shimmer of stainless steel sets a subtle, modern kitchen mood.


Sleek and moody, this black has a slight sheen to make your appliances stand out.


Bronze is back. This muted version mixes well with almost any color palette.


The warmth of copper without too much gleam gives your appliances a rosy glow.


Elevated Matte White

Matte White offers a premium, timeless and clean look. Its smooth, relaxed texture adds warmth and light to any kitchen. Matte White appliances come complete with brushed bronze hardware, but you can easily swap the handles and knobs for brushed stainless, brushed black or brushed copper.


Modern Matte Black

Matte Black creates a crisp, bold statement – a perfect complement to the natural deep tones of wood and stone. Matte Black appliances are adorned with brushed stainless hardware, but you can re-design the look simply by ordering additional hardware.


Sleek Stainless Steel

Café offers a new approach to the kitchen staple of stainless appliances. Make it a shining example of your classic taste or let it reflect your gleaming personality. Change up the brushed stainless hardware to get in on the latest kitchen look—mixed metals. Warm things up with brushed copper or bronze, or take an edgier stance with the cool-toned brushed black.


Bring personal style straight to your kitchen.

Picture what a Café appliance would look like in your home right now using the Facebook Augmented Reality camera filter. Simply visit the Café Appliances Canada Facebook page on your smartphone and open the camera filter. Select an appliance and watch it appear before your eyes as if it was right there in the room. Choose different finishes and hardware combinations to discover what matches your personal style.

Distinct by Design TM

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