Tips for Selecting a TV Wall Unit

Maximize your space by investing in the right entertainment centre. A TV wall unit can elegantly display your television while providing ample storage, without cluttering up the room with too many cabinets and consoles.TV wall units come in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials that can meet a wide range of different TV and living room furniture needs. Whether you’re designing a home theatre or a family gathering space, read on for tips on selecting the most suitable TV wall unit for your area.

Assess the Size and Layout

Measuring your television and space planning is key to selecting the best TV wall unit for your room. Considering your room's layout and how the TV will be installed is your first priority before selecting colours and finishes. If the TV wall unit is too small, the space will look awkward and unfinished, but if it is too large, the room will feel cramped. Don't forget about the rest of the furniture, and make sure you leave enough room for everything to create a polished, cohesive layout.

Just as important is to ensure your television is scaled correctly to the wall unit. If you plan on placing the TV on a stand, make sure your stand is larger than the TV – usually a few inches on either end looks best.

Similarly, if you plan to hang the TV on the wall, the TV wall unit should have a large enough opening to accommodate this.

Lovran 71-inch TV Stand

Complement Your Design Aesthetic

The TV wall unit’s design style and colour should complement your home’s existing decor. If you have a contemporary home, you can enhance the room with a sleek and minimalist TV stand. Likewise, if your decor aesthetic is traditional, a TV stand with classic lines will align the best with your room’s overall style. The colour, shape and texture of the TV wall unit should all be part of your design assessment.

Ensure Adequate Storage

When assessing TV unit options, be sure to check that the unit has enough storage for your particular needs. You need enough storage space to fit your cable box, cords, game consoles and any other electronic gadgets. Additionally, you will likely want enough surface space to display decorative accents like picture frames, books or fresh flowers.

Match Your Lifestyle

A TV wall unit should integrate with your lifestyle in addition to matching the design style. If you have young children, solid cabinet doors would allow you to conveniently store toys and gadgets when they are not playing with them. Or, if you enjoy creating displays with your belongings and accessories, then glass doors and open shelving would allow you to explore your design creativity.

Different TV Wall Unit Options

There are many different styles of TV wall units. Whether you prefer farmhouse, contemporary or traditional, below is a round-up of different wall units to match every style preference.

  • Taditional: White TV stand with a dark brown tabletop, like the Emry Entertainment Centre, brings character and classic style to a living area. The entertainment centre’s roomy cabinets offer plenty of space for entertainment essentials while deep drawers provide storage space for those inevitable odds and ends.
  • Contemporary: A TV wall unit in a sleek, streamlined design, such as the Antoni 3-Piece Entertainment Centre, brings a contemporary look to any living area. The white entertainment centre comes complete with a firebox, which adds a warm touch and visual interest to a room. The realistic flame effects will set the mood for romantic nights in, and a no-heat mode will let you enjoy it even on warm summer nights. The multiple shelves and drawers ensure there’s ample space for electronics and decor.
  • Rustic: A rustic yet refined TV wall unit, like the Sydney Barn-Door 6-Piece Entertainment Centre, brings a casual farmhouse vibe to your living space. This trendy entertainment centre features sliding barn doors, contrasting hardware and creates the perfect focal point for your modern farmhouse living room.
Antoni 3-Piece Entertainment Centre with 65-inch TV Opening - White

Wall units are an efficient way to conceal your belongings while displaying your TV elegantly. A strategically selected TV wall unit can make your room appear larger, more organized and is a beauty to behold.